LED Blubs & Tubes From Syska, Eveready, Philips & Wipro From ₹109 on Flipkart

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LED Blubs & Tubes

LED Blubs & Tubes From Syska, Eveready, Philips & Wipro From Rs.89 only on Flipkart.

Energy efficient :This polycarbonate bulb gives out clear white light and uses about 70% less energy than regular bulbs. This, mercury-free bulb is heat-resistant and eco-friendly.

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Lighting costs amount to a major part of your electricity bills. So bring home this pack of two energy-efficient bulbs from Syska, Eveready, Philips, Wipro and you will surely notice a substantial cut in the power consumption. These bulbs produce white light that can create a relaxing ambience for your home.

LED Blubs & Tubes From

These 7W and 9W LED bulbs product Cool Daylight and emit bright and even light. They are mercury-free and do not emit any harmful rays or substances. They light up to their brightest capacity immediately upon being switched on, without any flickering.


Made from polycarbonate, these bulbs are durable, so you don’t have to worry about replacing them often. With a B22 cap fitting, they are easy to install as they can fit into standard light fixtures.

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